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Welcome to the Graphics Workshop, we can help you with pre-treatment, copy, print, post-treatment and acessories.

  • Pre-treatment (PC and Scanning):We have a number of workplaces with PCs with diverse graphics software and scanners. You can get your files ready through our guidance. It is possible to scan in formats up to A3.
  • Copy and print: We have a number of photocopying machines that can make both b/w and colour copies on a variety of different paper formats up to A3 Oversize. We also have a range of options in b/w and colour, with different types of papers up to 300g. Print is in very good quality with a speed up to 110 A4 pages a minute.
  • Post-treatment: We have both manual and mechanical cutting options. It is for free to use the manual cutter when the material is printed here. We can fold formats from A5 to A4 with one or two folds. Our production printers can also make various types of post-treatment online such as stapling as well as stapled and folded booklets. Many options, e.g., spiral standard 21-hole in metal, professional 31-hole metal for calendars with mounting, spine clip, cold bonding and paper bag bonding with cover. We have a large selection of front/back covers and spirals of different colours. Laminating pouches from business card format up to A3.
  • Accessories: Paper sale – We have a large selection of paper and we sell both sheets and whole packages from our stock. We can also, through our suppliers, obtain special items in whole packages. Spot deals – You can always make a good purchase, we have a selection of special offers on paper, cardboard and accessories.


  • It is not possible to print on your own paper. Should we exceptionally give permission to do it all the cost lies on you.
  • Before you get started contact one of the employees. We provide help to self-help services. We look forward to see you.


Monday and Tuesday: 14-21
Wednesday and Thursday: 10-16
1st Saturday of the month: 10-15


+45 4186 0947 / +45 8940 9940


Free entry, payment only for using machines and materials.

Contact us for prices.