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Invitation to performing arts projects //
Apply and become part of Åbne Scene’s program in 2024.

APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MAY 1st, 2023 at 11.59 pm.


  • Åbne Scene is an open call based residency program at the cultural production center Godsbanen in Aarhus – a performing arts venue that supports and nurtures professional, artistic skills, and provides space for experiments and works in process.
  • Åbne Scene offers good facilities for performing arts in a technically well-equipped black box theatre (16 m x 15 m, ceiling height: 7 m), where there is time and freedom to develop, exchange and investigate. A technical staff, who can help and give advice in the process, is affiliated to the venue.
  • Åbne Scene offers versatile residency opportunities – for both artistic exchange and dialogue, as well as production and workshop facilities and accommodation in guest rooms.
    Åbne Scene provides opportunities for collaborations, interaction and networking in the vibrant, creative power center Godsbanen.


  • That are in exploratory, developing or testing phases and aim towards creating material, artistic exchanges, new experiences, skills or knowledge within their artistic fields, and need a black box for that purpose. Thus, Åbne Scene does not prioritise straight up production or presentation of finished works.
  • That shows great commitment to share the generated material with the public. Åbne Scene seeks new, surprising formats for knowledge sharing of the artistic process. In addition to the classical performing arts formats such as showings and artist talks, it could also be workshops, seminars, artistic networking, video documentation, podcasts, articles, mentorship for other artists or something completely different.
  • That relate to Godsbanen and its many opportunities and actively reach out and interact with the local artistic and creative communities.


Trine Sørensen
+45 26330901

Åbne Scene
Skovgaardsgade 3
8000 Aarhus C

Who can apply?
Individuals and groups from the professional performing arts field and interdisciplinary arts projects in need of a period in a black box.

How do I apply?
You apply via the online application form – you find the link at the top of the page.

What can I apply for?
You can apply for access to Åbne Scene’s black box theatre space for shorter or longer periods of time during 2023 (Januay-June + August-December), accommodation (in one or more of Godsbanens 10 guest rooms for artists; “Kupéerne”), supplementary production facilities (e.g. studios) and technical assistance or advice from Åbne Scenes technical staff (hours). You cannot apply for financial support.

Who curates the program?
The Åbne Scene program is curated based on the annual open call by coordinator and curator Trine Sørensen in consultation with an advisory panel of external performing arts professionals, which in this open call are director and performer Tone Haldrup Lorenzen  and composer Niels Rønsholdt along with Performing Arts Platform (Charlotte Mors).

When do I get response?
We aim to send our response to your application in late May 2023.