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Kursus / workshop

Workshop: Expressing emotion through the body – clay sculpting

DATO: Four days from 12 to 20 August 2022
TID: Se website
LOKALE: The Ceramics workshop
ENTRÉ: 1850 kr

Within this workshop, you will be able to learn hand-building sculpting techniques, such as subtraction and addition, which you can use later-on to create any sculpture. You will also learn about surface treatment in correlation to shape. The sculpture will consist of a naked body in the participant’s desired pose, and the texture will be unique and up to each person as well. Both the sculpture’s pose and texture will be discussed, as there are important aspects in the representation of the human body to express emotion.

Language: English

More info, signing up and payment at kunstogdesign.dk

The workshop is a cooperatiom between Godsbanens Åbne Værksteder and Skolen for Kunst og Design