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DATO: Lørdag d. 11. juni
TID: Kl. 17
LOKALE: Kedlen
NÆRMESTE INDGANG: 3D / Spiselauget
ENTRÉ: 50 kr / students free
Annually NJYD holds a New Years concert in Aarhus. Unfortunately doing the concert in January was not possible this year but we are happy to present it now. In many ways this is the beginning of the New Year with the society slowly opening up again and we want to celebrate that with all of you! ❤ ❤ ❤
At this concert, NJYD offers brand new piece by Jeppe Just Christensen as well as the work “Transfixed” written for the quartet in 2018 by Joss Smith and the piece “probably the most beautiful music” in the world by Marta Śniady.
The concert starts with a high-energy, explosive sound expression, where Joss Smith sheds light on NJYD as a hybrid between fusion band and classical ensemble in Transfixed.
In the new work by Jeppe Just Christensen, the musicians alternate between “inferior” toy versions of the instruments and their own. When the musicians play on their “normal” instruments, the music becomes very simple, and when they play on toys, the music is extremely complex.
In her work as a composer, Marta Śniady has a vision of making music that incorporates different art forms. In addition, she believes that new music is an important medium for social communication, therefore she does not treat it as pure sound art, but works to build references and connections in several layers.
– Joss Smith (1993-)
Transfixed (2018) *
– Jeppe Just Christensen (1978-)
New work (2021) *
– Marta Śniady (1986-)
probably the most beautiful music in the world (2019) **
* Written for NJYD
** Arranged for NJYD
Tickets: 50 KR and free for all students. There is a limited amount of seatings so please book a ticket in advance from us at: njydquartet@gmail.com or contact us/one of us here on Facebook.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Thank you for the support: Dansk Komponist Forening, Statens Kunstfond, Dansk Musiker Forbund, William Demant Fond, Augustinus Fond, Københavns Kommune og Århus Kommune Initiativpulje.
Arrangører: Njyd og Marie Sønderskov