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DATO: Hele maj
TID: Mandag - lørdag kl. 8 - 22. Søndag kl. 8 - 18.
LOKALE: Produktionsgangen
ENTRÉ: Gratis

Reconstructed memories through constructed photography

We recreate the past to visit the past. It provides an opportunity to return to a place that no longer exists as we originally experienced it. However, we can find it is possible to coax particular sensations from our past to the surface, which in turn can evolve into an image that is assembled within our imagination. We are continually reconstructing things in our minds, but how do we represent these forms when they are to a certain degree “intangible”? In order to build we must determine a size, a boundary or a scale.

I have always been interested in how a choice of “scale” can alter our perception of what we are trying to understand whether that is a suggested scale within an image or the scale the physical image occupies. Perhaps even the image withholds its scale completely allowing us to determine our own relationship to it. Can an ambiguous use of constructed scale (both present, yet withheld) form a solid, atmospheric sensation of memory?

What I hope to share with this arrangement and through exhibiting these images is the implications of what “physical” scale can reveal when “constructed” scale is ambiguous.

The concluding panel in this exhibition allows the images that preceded it to be interpreted through a reflective, alternative yet internal perspective. Based in Guatemala, my friend and collaborator Sue Tsang was invited to gather her own thoughts on a series I slowly revealed to her. Over the course of a couple of months, she produced a series of hiakus that revealed her emotional response to what she had seen and how she had responded, which she explains further:

Instead of treating the images as a distant horizon, I took the idea and went inwards, and started thinking about colours and the mood we associate with them. I wanted some contrast between the model photographs and my work, so I decided to use black and white interpretations of the models. The idea here was to encourage the audience to think about their own HEARTSCAPE and the colours that help make our inner horizon unique and special.

Maybe our mood can change depending on how we choose to see.

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