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Åbne Scene

These_Connected_ Bodies

DATO: 22. august – 3. september 2022
LOKALE: Åbne Scene
ENTRÉ: Vidensdeling: TBA

Artist in residence: Mirko Guido

An investigation into interrelatedness, multidirectionality and emergent processes through choreographic practices

In continuity with Mirko Guido’s choreographic research, the ambition is to interweave the investigation of the body/self as a layered and multidimensional subject with that of the choreographic space as a relational and emergent process. Guided by systems thinking, and through dance and storytelling practices based on interrelatedness and intersubjectivity concepts, we ask how performance can act as a complex adaptive system.

The process is a navigation through a sci-fi framework that employs dance, spoken word, sound and light to work towards a performance environment imagined as a futuristic digital forest. A densely entangled space from which situations, encounters, stories, and fleeting visions emerge.

Concept and choreographic methods: Mirko Guido
Dance and co-creation: Alice Martucci, Gesine Moog, Mirko Guido
Set and light design: Jens Sethzman
Sound design: tbc
Producer: Sigrid Aakvik – Art & About

Residencies and co-production: MARC Knislinge; ccap Stockholm; Bora Bora Aarhus; Dansens Hus Stockholm; Åbne Scene, Aarhus.