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DATO: fredag 25. november
TID: Døre kl. 20:00, Koncert kl. 21:00
ENTRÉ: 125


After touring the US with Cave In, Imperial Triumphant, Mr. Bungle and many others they are finally hitting the European soil for the first time.
Founded in Philadelphia in 2003, CLERIC’s avant-garde composition is marked by dark, cinematic atmospheres and free jazz-informed forays, bursting through a base of highly technical, mathy shred. Residing within the upper echelon of experimental metal acts such as The Dillinger Escape Plan and Car Bomb and influenced as much by metal pioneers Meshuggah, Converge, Fantômas, and Neurosis, as they are by avant-garde jazz luminaries John Zorn and Cecil Taylor, the quartet’s music zeroes in on a level of brutality and experimentation that a single band rarely maintains even for a few seconds.

Support: OXX

OXX is a Danish trio shamelessly doing whatever pleases them, hard at work toward an auditory mindfuck since 2012. Ripping feverishly through math, noise, sludge, crust, avant-garde and whichever other fucking genre of loud angry music you could imagine, OXX might be described as clusterfuck-core… Or whatever. If that’s hard to picture, try getting blackout drunk and beating yourself to death with a Thomas Pynchon door stopper; that should put you in the ballpark.


TEL: +45 86 760 344

MAIL: kontakt@radarlive.dk