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Fotos af Annabelle Brusseau

DATO: 8. juli - 19. august
TID: Mandag - lørdag kl. 8 - 22. Søndag kl. 8 - 18.
LOKALE: Produktionsgangen
ENTRÉ: Gratis

NB: 21st – 23rd July, Annabelle is part of the Output festival at ARoS, so a few of the pictures in the exhibtion will be on loan.

Annabelle Brusseau is a 28 years old French photographer based in Aarhus. After moving to Denmark at the beginning of the pandemic, she started to use photography as a tool to fight early signs of anxiety disorder. The photo series “Hindsight 2020” is the result of a one year project which was aimed to help other people with anxiety find hope in that long and sometimes lonely tunnel. “Art is too often underrated when it comes to healing people but I strongly believe that it can serve as a complementary ressource along with therapy”.

The second photo series “The People of Denmark” is a tribute to her adopted land. The danish unique style blended with singular lighting and colourful skies inspired her to start this series. “I heard so little about Denmark growing up in France that I wanted to take this opportunity to show my family and friends how life was like up here”.

Her cinematographic style mixes composition and a bright colour palette inspired by Tim Burton and Wes Anderson.

Her other works “Quarantopia” produced in Aarhus was featured in the French Nikon’s website at the beginning of 2021.

Annabelle’s website: www.annabellebrusseau.com

Instagram: @annabellebrusseau

Panic Attack

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