Residencies at Godsbanen

Cooperation between cultural facilitators

The core of Godsbanen’s residency network is the cooperation between different cultural facilitators.
Through the network, it is possible to join projects, collaborate on residencies and create an expansion of national and international contacts.

Aarhus Center for Visual Art, Aarhus Centre for Literature and Performing Arts Platform provide help and professional input for artists and cultural institutions who want to apply for residency. In addition, several of the facilitators at Godsbanen host and work with residencies.

Cultural Production Center Godsbanen does not facilitate residencies.


SVALHOLM – Danish Cultural Exchange & Performing Art

Nønne Mai Svalholm (Artistic Director)
Phone: +45 3134 3480
Mail: info(at)

The INSIDE SVALHOLM Residency Programme is mainly for residents from the MENA-region.


Åbne Scene / Open Stage

Charlotte Aaby
Phone: 2522 1210
Email: aabnescene(at)

Aarhus Billedkunstcenter / Aarhus Center for Visual Art

Mail: kommunikation(at)


Aarhus Litteraturcenter / Aarhus Centre for Literature

Jette Sunesen
Phone: +45 8940 9914 / 2920 9044
Mail: jette(at)

Performing Arts Platform

Kasper Egelund
Phone: +45 4034 4008
Mail: kasper(at)