Facilitiesat Godsbanen

Workshops, project spaces and guest houses

Cultural production center Godsbanen offers a wide range of possibilities for guests in residencies.

Here you find open workshops, studios, project rooms, theatre stages, auditoriums, various exhibition opportunities and much more. Performing artists, along with cultural operators and knowledge actors all work here at Godsbanen.

You can read more about the possibilities, project spaces and facilities at Godsbanen: godsbanen.dk/lokaler

Information about the workshops at Godsbanen: godsbanen.dk/aktoerkategori/vaerksteder

Godsbanen has 10 guest apartments, which cultural institutions, performing artists and cultural providers can rent. When staying in the guest apartments, you commit to contribute with a talk, lecture, workshop, open rehearsals etc.

You can read more about Godbanen’s facilitators in the information folder from the guest apartments.