Om Godsbanen

English Summary

With open workshops, studios, project rooms, theatre stages, auditoriums, dance halls and much more, Godsbanen provides every opportunity; whether you want to stage a week long theatre festival, practice your dance moves or perhaps host a meeting.

If you don’t have any interest in culture at all, you are also very welcome. We have an excellent and very affordable café/restaurant, which is open for everybody at all hours, and our roof is open access and provides an amazing view.

The buildings used to host one of Denmark’s largest train freight yards, and the old buildings are renovated with respect for their history and are worth a visit in themselves.

Take a tour of our website – on most pages you’ll find a summary in English.

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Læs om:

Godsbanens historie – fra trafikalt knudepunkt til kulturproduktion

Hvor er Godsbanen? – find os på kort, rejseplan etc.

Hvad er Godsbanen? – et hus fuldt af muligheder

Kontakt – find en medarbejder

Oversigtskort – brug de rigtige indgange og find rundt på Godsbanen

Praktisk information – parkering, glemte sager, åbningstider, fotografering etc.

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