Åbne Scene’s two curators are appointed by Aarhus Performing Arts Center and the alderman of culture.

The curators assess and select applications for playing at the Åbne Scene. Selected projects will be stamped ‘Supported by Åbne Scene’.
The support can be things like:

  • Complete or partial payment for the use of Åbne Scene
  • Complete or partial payment for the use of practise rooms on Godsbanen/Brobjergskolen
  • Grants for technician hours
  • PR-hours
  • Grants for the guest apartments.

Questions to the curators can be mailed to

The curators

The two curators, Dorthe Hansen Carlsen and Jacob Stage, was September 1st 2015.



Dorthe Hansen Carlsen

Actor / performer / coach.

I look forward to welcoming the public inside for performances and processes in which artists both refine and challenge theater as an art form. For instance, through the way the audience is involved – whether it is in the creative or performing process.

Dorthe is appointed by Aarhus Performing Arts Center’s board of directors.


Jacob Stage

Dancer / choreographer / actor / photographer / film editor.

I look forward … to put Åbne Scene on the map as the scene of the performing arts in the year of 2015 and onwards presented with grand gestures, high ceilings and close to the audience.

Jacob is appointed by Alderman for Culture and Citizens in Aarhus, Rabih Azad-Ahmad.

Former curators

Joan Naldal

Joan Naldal holds a master in dramaturgy, project management and dance studies. She has studied at universities in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Spain.

Joan has worked in both Stockholm and Brussels as a project manager for the performing arts, literature, music and art. Joan was appointed by the Councillor for Culture and Citizens in Aarhus, Marc Perera Christensen, for September 2012 – August 2015.

Jesper Rasmussen

Visual artist and head of the Jyske Kunstakademi, Aarhus. Working in his artistic work with architecture, space and scenography. Member of Aarhus Kommunes Kunstråd 2000-2004, Akademirådet 2002-2008 and Statens Kunstfonds Indkøbs- og Legatudvalg 2008-2010.

Jesper was appointed by the board of Aarhus Performing Arts Center for September 2012 – August 2015.