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English Summary

The three large project rooms are designed to accommodate larger artistic projects. The project rooms are empty when you rent them, to be able to accommodate all forms of artistic projects.

The different rooms vary from 68 m2 to 70 m2 – all designed with concrete floors and concrete walls with wooden plates to improve the acustic environment. All of the larger project rooms have windows on one end.

De tre Perroner er beregnet til at huse større kunstneriske produktionsprojekter.

NB: Perronerne er udlejede resten af 2019.

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Perron 1 – ca. 70 m2 og godkendt til 36 personer
Perron 2 – ca. 69 m2 og godkendt til 36 personer
Perron 3 – ca. 68 m2 og godkendt til 35 personer

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