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Åbne Scene

Augustine Collective: MY PIECE 

DATO: Tirsdag d. 22. oktober
TID: kl. 19.30
LOKALE: Åbne Scene
ENTRÉ: Free, but please sign up

Augustine Collective

5 women artists from different cultures, creating and developing their movement and performative skills together as a collective since 2013. meeting once a year to practice, update and develop their artistic work with a lot of digesting time in between.

The  performance is FREE, but please sign up here

MY PIECE creation and evolution process

Coming back to Aarhus to premiere MY PIECE, after 2 years of granule creation. This ongoing, participatory project developed during several creation phases in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Israel. Each encounter is a unique and special experience, leading us to the next event- pouring our interests from one show to the other.

MY PIECE Aarhus Premiere

This piece is about authorship and honorship in art making and life. We pass through the many different states of being between observing an art piece and becoming parts of it.
Augustine Collective puts light on the fact that everyone being present at the theatre, is part of the performative event. The collective opens up their work to be shared on another level- Everyone present in the theatre space, agrees on the fact that we are all parts and pieces of the total event.

The Augustine Collective is not asking the public members to invent the piece but to be aware of the way they read it, and how their understanding of the piece influences the outcomes.

As audience member, please bring somthing you own and would like to give away to become part of MY PIECE.

The participants then have the right to use, copy and further develop ideas from MY PIECE.

More on The Augustine Collective / MY PIECE

Augustine Collective wish to thank the following:


Augustine Collective

Or Avishay

Birgitte Lundtoft 

Ayelet Yekutiel


Marie Helen Andersson

Clea Onori


Music collaborations

Yaniv Minzer

Rotem Sherman

Faye Shapiro

Benjamin Kamp Rozilio 

Theis Hunø 


Visual Artist Collaborations

Amir Meyer

Itamar Mendes-Flohr

Luli Yael Evron

Michal Dan

Jens Ardal


Performing collaborations

Keren Ben Altabet

Roni Marsland


Supported by

CONNECTIONS Residency Program- Performing Arts Platform

Åbne scene- GODSBANEN

Aarhus Kommune


Developed & performed also at

Secret Hotel/ Earthwise Residency Center (DK)

Sphere Ohalim, Clil (IL)

Kelim Choreographic Center, Bat Yam (IL)

The center of Performing Arts, Rosh Pina (IL)


Audience collaborators


Kirsten Rubech

Frederik Trier

Oriana Vigl

Yael Gaathon

Nicola Visser

Ada Helene Kragh



Ida Friis

Tine Ilum

Jesper de Neergaard

Jeppe H. Nissen

Anne Hübertz Brekne

Charlotte Mors

Kasper Egelund

Snorre Jeppe Hansen

Jean Roux

Johanne Merke

Christine Fentz

Lone Jacobsen

Ulla Rasmussen

Hannah Dybbro

Ulla Sloth Thorup

Sanne Pserimos

Jens Erik Buur


Kirsten Rubech

Tina Skov


Søren Thomsen

Frederik Trier

Maria E. Jensen

Jesper Ditlev Poulsen

Anelia Mitova

Maria Elisabeth Jensen

Gitte Horsfall

Jesper Ditlev

Maria Dybbroe

Vibeke Birk

Frederik Trier

Joel Foighel



Gidi and Rachel Avishay

Amnon Barri

Batya Gil

Vered Meyer

Tami Shoer


MY PIECE Rosh Pina

Lea Darom

Ronita Heimann

Tal Cohen

Orit Evron

Lian Winer

Amit Avishay




Marie Muskotnöt

Tami Leibovits

Rafi Buhbut

Tami Buhbut

Amir Meyer

Alon Arie Meyer

Batia Rutenberg

Shimeon Yekutiel

Tal Kulikovsky

Merhav Yesoron

Yam Maayan

Yoel Ron

Tom Marsland

Maya Marsland

Yaeli Marsland

Uri Marsland