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Commedia School workshop with Ole Brekke

DATO: Lørdag/søndag
TID: Kl. 10-16 begge dage
LOKALE: Vogn 2
ENTRÉ: 1200 / 900 kr

Physical theater workshop with master Ole Brekke and Ruth Lerche. A two day workshop introducing the physical approach to theatre, this workshop aims at developing spontaneity and creativity, giving you quick insights on the tools offered by the school to make every performance fresh and alive. Introductions of the mime and mask training in the curriculum will be presented, such as improvisation exercises, simultaneously raising awareness to the movement of your body and voice in space. Discover new possibilities to surprise the audience and surprise yourself!

Instructors: The Commedia School team: Ole Brekke and Ruth Lerche
Saturday the 29. August: 10 -16
Sunday the 30. August: 10 – 16
Price: 1.200 DKK (900 kr student or unemplyment discount)

To apply contact infocommediaschool@gmail.com or +45 61652094
Visit our wesite http://commediaschool.com/