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Bladre, a contemporary circus performance

DATO: Fredag d. 25 september
TID: KL: 18:00
LOKALE: Vogn 2
ENTRÉ: Gratis

Bladre is a spectacular circus performance about the beauty of nature and climate crisis. With groundbreaking acrobatics, physical theater, dance and music. Acting for Climate creates explosive and poetic images of the changes we as a society must go through. Acrobats can turn on what is up and down and can therefore see the world from a new perspective. We would like to invite the spectator to see the world through the eyes of the acrobats.

==== Practical info ====
The performance will take place at Godsbanen, Vogn2 at 18:00, entrance starts at 17:30
N.B. it is free to attend, but sign up is required and done by writing an email to mellemfolkeligtsamvirkeaarhus@gmail.com
Max 30 participants and first come, first served! If you are prevented from coming after having signed up, please write to us so we can offer the space to someone else.


This event is part of the Climate Justice Days