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always together – mostly happy

DATO: 9. - 15. August
TID: Tuesday – Saturday 3 – 7 pm

Fine-arts exhibition as part of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year 2020

The exhibition always together – mostly happy shows the works of 18 contemporary visual artists from Germany and Denmark. Their creations and work provide a cross section of the current discourse of both cultural spaces. It will be exhibited in August in Aarhus and in September in Hamburg.

Alisa Tsybina, Anna Grath, Anna Taina-Nielsen, Camilla Nørgård, Carsten Rabe, Hartmut Stockter, Jenny Schäfer, Jens Axel Beck, Lars Worm, Maram Ava, Mette Juul, Mette Kit Jensen, Merlin Reichart, Michelle Eistrup, Simon Riemer, Søren Hüttel, Tilman Walther, Ulla Hvejsel  and the Nordic Leipzig artists residency editions prints.

The main topic is communication. As part of the curated exhibitions, the established and young artists deal with the background of language and cultural identity.
The title „always together – mostly happy“ does not shed light on the past but looks with lightness and humor on the present of both nations. By arousing curiosity and interest, the critical issues should also be discussed.

The works of the exhibition address the topic of language and its complexity in different ways. Jenny Schäfer and Søren Hüttel work in a very ironic and playful way with keywords and fragments of everyday language. In the sculptural work of Anna Grath as well as in public art works by Camilla Nørgård, communication is also reflected in abstract parallels with linguistic usage. In addition to the sculptural, installation works of the Mette Juul and Alisa Tsybina as well as the photographer Simon Riemer deal with the topic in different ways. In their photographs, discourse with the media and communication plays a central role.
Communication is always a supporting element of the exchange. Currently, we have access to almost far-reaching global networking through technologies and new media. In the public Communication we see how sometimes by misinterpretation and misinterpretation decisions are made on enormous scale, which on the one hand infiltrate the common language and at the same time the divisive back in the foreground in order to meet the dogma but not to promote the discourse of the community. In this way, the ideas of borders have been gaining new popularity in recent years, casting their shadow on the Year of Friendship.

The collaboration between the German-Danish artists creates a space for mutual reflection and discussion. Showing the exhibition in two cities to different audiences offers the opportunity to rethink the connecting and the divisive. Through the creative engagement in their own creative process in relation to the topic of communication the artists overcome the inner limits.

Always together – mostly happy is part of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year 2020 – a comprehensive and collaborative initiative of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut, celebrating and developing the decades-long relationship grounded in common values and interests, setting an international example of peaceful coexistence in the 21st Century.

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Exhibition Dates:
Aarhus Vernissage: Sunday, 9. August 2020 3 – 7 pm
Exhibition: 9. – 15.8.2020
Ra Hal, Godsbanen, Skovgardsgade 3, Aarhus, Denmark
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 3 – 7 pm

Merlin Reichert: Hiscox
Alisa Tsybina: Dadys Aingel
Tilman Walter: Ein Tag am Denkmal (section)