Indlæser Begivenheder
17. nov - 19. nov

Voices of Migration festival

  • Start: 17. nov

  • End: 19. nov

  • Sted/lokale: Radar

  • Nærmeste indgang: 3B

Voices of Migration is a new international arts festival of 15 artists and speakers from around the world, taking place in Aarhus, the 2017 European Capital of Culture.

The festival is about finding common ground. ​Over 3 evenings and 2 days, it will present artists, speakers, organisations and changemakers acting together to explore migration through literature, dance, music, comedy, theatre and spoken word.

The festival will bring people together who are usually not occupying the same spaces, to meet, share, talk, laugh and to explore community and wellbeing.We will create environments in which the experience of belonging to many places and cultures is the norm, and multi-culturalism – in Denmark and the rest of the world – is an intrinsic facet of the 21st century experience.

Voices of Migration is beeing realised by Co-curators Renaissance one and Poetics and partners Løves Bog- og Vincafé, Radar, Aarhus 2017 volunteer programme, Lærdansk Aarhus, Line Hassall and One Love Poetry Fest, Danish PEN, theatres Muzak and MARS and many more…

Visit our website for fuller information:

Organiseret af Voices of Migration