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27. sep - 28. sep

The GENDERhouse presents: My cuntry by CuntsCollective (DK)

  • Start: 27. sep

  • End: 28. sep

  • Sted/lokale: Åbne Scene

  • Nærmeste indgang: 3A

  • Pris: 50 - 150 kr

Forced, fleeing, thrown out, thrown away? Every time is true, but the truth is never the same.

MY CUNTRY is a hybrid between fiction and reality, which- through the mantra ‘more is more’ and with the humor as a speaker- invites the audience into an aesthetic world of genderfuckery, butoh, classical dance, physical theatre and high fashion.
MY CUNTRY shows the world from the outsider’s perspective and asks: who has decided that they were wrong?

MY CUNTRY consists of a multidisciplinary and international LGBTQ+ cast from Iran, Brazil, England, Denmark and Norway- all of whom work with issues of identity, alienation, sexuality, and gender. They have all been homeless, ruthless, and outrageous. In search of home, they have now traveled back to the place that previously was impossible for them to be in, now filled with a strong desire to reconcile.

Onsdag d. 27 september kl. 19:30-20:30
Torsdag d. 28 september kl. 19:30-20:30

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Arrangeret af:The GENDERhouse Festival og Bora Bora – Dans og visuelt teater