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13. mar - 28. apr

Fotoudstilling: Moments of Ageing

  • Start: 13. mar

  • End: 28. apr

  • Sted/lokale: Foyeren

  • Nærmeste indgang: 3A

  • Pris: Gratis adgang

  • Åbningstid: Mandag - søndag kl. 08.00 - 22.00

English Summary

Svalholm Dans presents the photo exhibition: Moments of Ageing

March 13 – April 28, 2018

My vision is to give the concept of ageing an artistic voice

Moments of Ageing shows part of my choreographic work with the Rethink Ageing project (2016 – 2018), giving an insight into artistic development. The selected photographs show people (60+) as individuals and groups, in different degrees of movement. The movement in the photographs ranges from great physical development to movement on a much smaller scale, such as leaning one’s own body weight against another human being. Moments of Ageing allows the viewer to see and ponder upon selected moments from the rehearsals and performances of my two works Circuit – a reflection on Ageing (2016) and Ultima (2017).

My artistic work 2015 – 2018

My project Rethink Ageing examines the topics of body, gender, identity and sexuality, focusing on the population of 60+, in a national and international context. The project began with a 5 month laboratory run in 2015, supported by Health and Care in Aarhus, and subsequently received 2 years of development support from the European Capital of Culture Department in Aarhus (2016 – 2017). From the first fragile idea, which slowly took shape through numerous studies and rehearsals in Rå Hal, I created my first performance with seniors at Godsbanen Circuit – a reflection on ageing (2016), which was subsequently performed at Åbne Scene, Godsbanen and Theater Bora Bora in Aarhus.

Both performances were solo and ensemble works co-produced by Godsbanen and Theater Bora Bora in Aarhus, with the support of The Danish Arts Foundation and the Arts Council in Aarhus. Since 2015, I have worked up a large group of elderly people aged 60 to 81 years, whom I continually test and develop choreographic ideas and concepts with. 40 of the elderly participants now have performance experience, and 25 of them also have tour experience from our tour to Copenhagen and Ringkøbing in 2017 with Circuit – a reflection on ageing.

Choreographic idea and concept

It is important to me that elderly people appear in my works, thus depicting people and humanity as a whole, because we are represented by young people or adults, virtually everywhere – also in art. The elderly’s awareness that their lives do not last forever, and their reactions to the fact that body and mind age, puts my own life in perspective. I seek a specific artistic expression of authentic power and fragility, which the elderly participants contribute to.

The artistic team

Choreographer and artistic director Nønne Mai Svalholm has chosen and composed the photo exhibition Moments of Ageing.
Trine Rytter contributes to the exhibition as an artistic consultant / project coordinator.
The photographers are Caroline Jessen (DK), Kaveer Rai (IND) and film photographer Michael Dinesen (DK).

Godsbanen and Aarhus Fine Arts Center curate the photo exhibition Moments of Ageing.

A big thanks to all participants on stage and to the artistic team.

A big thanks to Godsbanen and Theater Bora Bora in Aarhus

We continue our artistic work with Rethink Ageing. If you are interested in joining, we would like to hear from you. You just have to be 60 years old.

Best regards, Nønne Mai Svalholm

Svalholm Dans
Phone. 31 34 34 80

Svalholm Dans præsenterer fotoudstillingen: "Moments of Ageing"

Moments of Ageing viser nedslag i mit koreografiske arbejde med projektet Rethink Ageing (2016 – 2018), og giver et indblik i den kunstneriske udvikling. De udvalgte fotografier viser mennesker (60+), som individer og gruppe, i forskellige grader af bevægelse. Bevægelsen i fotografierne spænder fra stor fysisk udfoldelse til bevægelse i meget mindre skala, som f.eks. at læne sin egen kropsvægt imod et andet menneske. Moments of Ageing giver beskueren mulighed for at se og dvæle ved udvalgte øjeblikke fra prøverne på og opførelserne af mine to scenekunstværker Circuit – en refleksion over aldring (2016) og Ultima (2017)
Koreograf og kunstnerisk leder Nønne Mai Svalholm.

Fotograferne er Caroline Jessen (DK), Kaveer Rai (IND) og filmfotograf Michael Dinesen (DK).
Moments of Ageing er kurateret af Godsbanen og Aarhus Billedkunstcenter.
Stor tak til Godsbanen og teater Bora Bora for co-produktion i 2016 og 2017.

Fernisering tirsdag d.13. marts kl.15 – 17.