Indlæser Begivenheder
17. maj - 19. maj

Conference: Reccord

  • Start: 17. maj

  • End: 19. maj

  • Sted/lokale: Godsbanen

  • Nærmeste indgang: 3A

Rethinking Cultural Participation

Participate, experiment, learn, teach and co-create for the future!

Across Europe there is a great demand for civic engagement. Cultural institutions, politicians and researchers are looking for ways to engage and support civic participation in arts and culture as well as in society in general.

The RECcORD partners want to influence this agenda by inviting you to three days of activities that will give you the the opportunity to participate and to experiment, to learn, teach and co-create new possibilities for the future.

The full program for three days will offer you and everyone with an interest in participatory processes an opportunity to personally experience and understand very different forms of participation but also to be introduced to results of brand new experimental research in the area.

Combined these three days will give you both hands-on experiences, new theoretical insights and practical tools directly usable in your own local reality.

See the preliminary program, learn more and register here: