Godsbanen is a centre for cultural production in Aarhus.

With open workshops, studios, project rooms, theatre stages, auditoriums, dance halls and much more, Godsbanen provides every opportunity; whether you want to stage a week long theatre festival, practice your dance moves or perhaps host a meeting.
If you don’t have any interest in culture at all, you are also very welcome. We have an excellent and very affordable café/restaurant, which is open for everybody at all hours, and our roof has open access and provides an amazing view.
The buildings used to host one of Denmark’s largest train freight yards, and the old buildings are renovated with respect for their history and are worth a visit in themselves.
Take a tour of our website – on all pages you’ll find a summary in English.

More about Godsbanen

Contact Godsbanen

If you have comments, suggestions or questions about Godsbanen, please contact us by mail: info(at)godsbanen.dk or telephone: +45 2522 1210 or +45 2920 9043 (janitor).

Facilitators at Godsbanen

Besides the many daily visitors, and users of the different facilities, Godsbanen houses the following facilitators: Read about Godsbanen’s facilitators in this little book from our guest apartments

Find us and download map of Godsbanen

Godsbanen’s adress: Skovgaardsgade 3 DK-8000 Aarhus C Find us om Googlemaps Download map

Possibilities at Godsbanen

At Godsbanen you can experience exhibitions and events in Rå Hal, Mellemrummet, and in the Foyer. You can also experience music, literature and performing arts at the stages at Godsbanen.
You can also use the workshops at Godsbanen. That gives you the possibility of working with wood, metal, textile, ceramic, laser, graphic, print, photo and film.
As an artist you can rent project rooms, and The Arts Centers can consult and advice you.
Besides all this, you can book conference rooms, rent an office space at the project floor, and eat at the Restaurant/Café.

Facilities/Rooms at Godsbanen


Spiselauget, Godsbanen’s café and restaurant is open to everyone, and offers everything from a cup of coffee to delicious five course meals.

Facts on Godsbanen

  • Godsbanen is 10.500 m²
  • 81.968 work hours was spend on the remodeling of Godsbanen
  • You can walk on the roof
  • You are 19 meters above ground on the roof
  • Approximately 400 events happens at Godsbanen every year
  • 130 CVR numbers are registered at Godsbanen
  • Approximately 175.000 people visits Godsbanen every year
  • 200 people work at Godsbanen on a daily basis
  • You are velcome to come and join us at Godsbanen – to hang out and work. There is free WI-FI. Log on via SMS or NEM-ID.