HIMHERANDIT Productions is a non-for profit company that produces a wide range of bold performances.

HIMHERANDIT Productions was formed in 2003 in London and moved to Aarhus, Denmark in 2009. HIMHERANDIT Productions is primarily led by the artist
 Andreas Constantinou and is a project based company. Each production varies in size with collaborators and performers entering and exiting the 
company on a project basis. This enables the company to continuously grow through cultural and artistic exchange. On going collaborators that lead projects alongside Andreas with HIMHERANDIT include; Noelia Mora Solvez and Magnus Errboe.

To date HIMHERANDIT have produced, performed and exhibited works nationally and internationally. Currently the company is specifically focused on creating bold productions to tour nationally. The aim is to focus on pushing artistic boundaries and broaden artistic perspectives, communication and culture through Denmark.

HIMHERANDIT have been an active ingredient in igniting Aarhus based art events, performances and installations not only as funded productions but also as non-funded underground events. The company aims to cultivate new crowds of audiences outside of the usual theatre environment. To date it has presented a combination of works at, Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater, Godsbanen, Ambasseden, Aarhus Kunstbygning, Aros, Aarhus Musikhuset, Entre Scenen, and Archauz as part of various festivals, events, exhibitions and co-productions.

HIMHERANDIT productions have received growing support for their projects from Aarhus Kommune, Silkeborg Kommune, Bora Bora Theatre, Performers House and Dansevaerket.